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1st April 2014

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"Sickly Sweet"
April 1st.


"Sickly Sweet"

April 1st.

31st March 2014

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the first.

It’s probably nothing

But when I see her, my day is ten times better

I notice when she leaves her hair curly and when she makes it straight

I noticed when she stopped wearing her purple coat

And how her grin is the most beautiful

It’s probably nothing

But I can’t stop smiling when she talks to me

And I think she knows that

I play it cool and collected

But we laugh cause I don’t get it quite right

It’s probably nothing

But my face gets red when she talks to me

Thanks body, for having my back

Today her face was red too

I wonder what that means

It’s probably nothing

But I dream that it exists beyond my mind

And the worst part is that it could be

Something, that is.


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18th February 2014


The problem with having big curly hair is this: sometimes it decides to look “cute” (aka little girl like) when I want it to look sexy and other times, it decides to be “big and sexy” when really all I want is to go to the gym.
— me

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13th December 2013


Real talk time

I like when my cat licks my hands but it goes from licking to biting so quickly- sad okay? I just end up sad…. And bitten.

12th December 2013

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"…and I will go down these ships"


Bering & Wells


Betty & Kate


Bo & Lauren


Emma & Regina


Lucy & Mina


Rizzoli & Isles


Bonus Feels for Isabel & Christina




8th December 2013

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Why shows and ships hit so close to home.

I’m new to the tumblr world, I’ll admit. I’ve probably only been on for about two years. The reason I made a tumblr in the first place was because it was a place where I felt safe and felt I could truly be me. (I was closeted at the time and boy was it rough.) In this world, I’ve found hope for my future. One of the things I absolutely adore about tumblr is the love tumblrs have for one another, it’s great. Through tumblr I’ve been introduced to several different tv show couples that happen to be lesbian ones, (okay I went searching). At first I was a little sad, because I thought to myself, “is this all I’ll ever have? TV relationships?” Though I know now the answer is “no.” At the time I judged myself a little for being so into fanfics and art and such. Boy was into Lost Girl for a hot sec there. It was bad. I’ve slowly fallen away from the show for different reasons, though I still like to see gif sets of Lauren and Bo on my feed. Right now I’m very into Dracula’s Mina x Lucy, whom I’ve seen referred to as Luna (EEK LOVE), and even more recently, Tierra de Lobos’ Isabel x Cristina. I’m absolutely gaga about both of these ships though I am prepared for the heart break that will probably be Luna, and I don’t even have great hopes for IsabelxCristina but I’m gonna enjoy them while they last. I asked myself the other day why I do this to myself, I mean, watch shows that probably don’t value these relationships the way I do. Welp, it’s sorta simple I guess. Both of these shows are set in not too recent time periods, I don’t know the specifics, but it’s pretty obvious since iphones are lacking in both shows. It is in this trait, held by both of these shows, that I find my extreme love and fascination. I’m a 90’s kid. I’m growing up in, arguably, the most progressive time ever, and within a few years (or less! Fingers crossed) I’ll be able to marry the women of my dreams when I meet her. I can walk down the street with my gal and I’m not entirely afraid someone is gonna flip the fuck out on us. And even though I still have parents that aren’t exactly welcoming of the idea of having a lesbian as a daughter, all in all, I’m pretty lucky. And it’s only getting better. With both of these ships, the case is not the same. And I’m not an idiot, I recognize the fact that these relationships and characters are fiction, but these characters represent something else for me. My heart breaks at the thought of what women like Lucy, Isabel, and Christina, who probably and did exist in real life, went through. The extreme religious control and dominance over society that deemed women like these as abominations, things of evil, really did exist. The fear for their lives was real. In watching these shows I feel the excitement of these women having a moment alone with the person they love and I’m happy for them. I put myself in their shows and question whether or not I would have had the strength or courage to defy the heteronormative society and seek out a love that was real to me, or if I would’ve lied to myself my entire life, being miserable and empty on the inside. Like I said before, I know these characters/events aren’t real. But something not too far off from these, very likely was real and there was fear and hiding and shame. Things that should have never been there in the first place, but, thanks to how society was and still is, were and are. Yes, I’m a fan of lesbian relationships on TV that sport a more recent time frame, because it’s nice to see something like what I hope to experience at some point in my life on TV, but the raw emotion isn’t there like what I feel from “past” shows. A recent development in Dracula has Mina rejecting Lucy (heartbreak), while in a recent TDL promo, there are also hints of disaster, and I’m not afraid to keep watching these shows and will not stop. They are my past, what people like me, my sisters, and in others cases brothers, have gone through. The punishment for loving whomever they wanted, that is my past too. So yeah, I anticipate heartbreak in the near future, but I’m still proud of the people developing these shows for the simple reason that it is a part of history that happened. It’s our history and it hits close to home for me and for many others. The end.

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8th December 2013

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can we just take a moment and reflect?

can we just take a moment and reflect?

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10th September 2013


When the past dies, there is mourning, but when the future dies our imaginations are compelled to carry it on.
— Gloria Steinem, Marilyn

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7th March 2013

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Realizing that March Madness is about to start



#1UBB hoosiers baby.

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13th February 2013

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